Sunday, July 24, 2005


What a great day. I went out and got the upgrade to illustrator CS2!

I love this program so much. I talked to Todd Macadangdang from Illustrator last year at Comic-Con and told him some of the features I didn't like in Illustrator Creative Suite and how I wouldn't upgrade until some of the functions of some of my favorite tools were fixed. Something they did in CS really bugged me and it made it very difficult to do what I was doing in Illustrator 10.

Man did Adobe really change Illustrator for the better with Creative Suite 2.

Some of my favorite features so far are the ability to save Templates easily, the ability to arrange and save the toolbars to your prefereance, the ability to save brushes quickly and effortlessly. I still have no clue how to do it in Illustrator 10. Now it's a simple button.

I really, REALLy love the Live Paint Bucket tool. If you like coloring anime style you have got to get this program. You can color anime style with a few clicks.

Some features really speed up my drawing time as well. The LIVE PAINT BUCKET feature can fill in ink lines for me very quickly. Some things that would have taken an extra 10 minutes of redrawing can be done now in less than a second.

Don't despair if you don't have CS2 yet. Many of the things I will be talking about can still be done in Illustrator 10. I'll still be thinking with an ILLustrator 10 mind for a while until I learn all the new features.

However some of the new features are easy to learn and very intuitive.

Let me know if you have CS2 yet!

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Gary Mitchell said...

CS2 is great. I've had it for a few weeks now. The live paint is about the only new feature I've really used. Still looking around the program and getting to know it. But I can flat a page so quick it'll make your head spin!

Not to up on the live trace though. The lines have to be so tight in pencil that it's almost not worth inking to begin with. But I might just be doing something wrong :)