Monday, July 25, 2005


This is a really great way to create rain or power effects or some really cool speed-lines.

Step 1.) Grab a brush with a thick middle and thin edges and quickly touch the screen in a pattern that makes some cool lines like in the picture. Under the Step 1 title you can see what the brush looked like by itself.

Now SELECT them all with the BLACK ARROW(Area Selection Tool.) then go into the MENU bar at the top of the screen and select OBJECT>EXPAND APPEARANCE this converts the brush lines into solid objects that Superman can look through. While you are there in the OBJECT menu go ahead and GROUP the brush lines.

Step 2.) On a new LAYER above the speed lines you just made draw a MARQUEE like the one shown. What we will do here is chop off the top of the speed lines to place them inside a panel.

Step 3.) With the ol' Black Arrow select the brush lines and the Marquee and go into the PATHFINDER menu and select SUBTRACT FRONT. This subtracts the shape of the Marquee we made from anything under it, hence the name SUBTRACT FRONT.

Now we have this really cool Speed Line look with a straight edge that we can place against the panels edge.

If you really want to add some sweetness to this effect you can grab the splatter looking default BRUSH and a WHITE STROKE and splatter some white over the tips of the lines. It really looks cool!

Here is a Close-Up of the SUBTRACT FRONT tool in the PATHFINDER PALLETTE. It's the one with the handsome Red Circle surrounding it's little picture. :)

This effect works really well in Illustrator 10 as well as Illustrator CS2.


Lea Hernandez said...

Just found you through a Technorati searc. I've been poking along learning Illustrator. I really love the vector art I see people doing at Deviant, and would love to leanr it.

Nice blog!

Gary Mitchell said...

Where is the brush you used in the tutorial? I can't seem to find it.


Erik Kuntz said...

I assume you've built your own brush palette for comics inking. Any chance of you sharing at least some of that brush info with us? Looking forward to the next entry.

Brian Denham said...

Thanks for checking this site out. I love your work! I hope the info helps. Next time I make it to San Antonio maybe you can stop by the Antarctic press offices and I'll give you a demo in Illustrator.

I thought that Brush was a default Brush from Illustrator. If not it was simple to draw. Just a straight line with a slight thickness in the middle. It kind of looks like an Earthworm.

I have been buiilding different brushes for different pages. I'll share some of the better ones here soon. Nearly any line or dash you create can make a cool brush.

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