Friday, July 22, 2005


Here is my finished picture of the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing.

I had to get rid of the BRUSH effects on this page because it slowed my computer down to much.

So I went it with the PENCIL and A GRAY FILL and STROKE to make the shading effects.

I did the dark Gray on one layer and the lighter gray on the layer UNDER the dark one. This really gives the impression of smooth shading.

I also created little light grey lines around the shading areas to make it look like I used a real brush and the hairs created some random Happy Accidents. :)

Once I created the black background I saw that the Thing didn't pop out as much as he did against the white background. To correct this I created a small white line around most of his rocky outline. This helps pop him out of the page and away from his background.

I then added white dots to make it look like rocky debris was falling off from him as he moved and the rocks grinded together. That little extra attention to detail really pays off.


Anonymous said...

Hey brian-

It's Travis agian, I REALLY want to see an AI file. I want to see it so bad that I would be willing to host the file. shoot me an email and we'll set it up.

Brian Denham said...

I could email it if you want it that bad. :)

Let me know what pic you want and I'll shoot it over.

If anyone else wants one just put your email in this message thread and I'll send you one.

And in gratitude if you want to Paypal me some lunch money I could take a donation. :)

Anonymous said...

just let me know what email address to paypal you with and it's a deal


Anonymous said...

Seriously? cos I'd take up that offer.
Or you could send random abuse and sign me upto gay porn on that ¬_¬