Thursday, October 20, 2005


Sorry about the lack of updates to this blog. I've been very busy lately with a number of projects and I have been unable to post anything here. Since I have been working at a furious pace lately I have stumpled over some cool techniques and processes that I will be sharing here soon.

Before the end of 2005 I will start updating again more frequently.

I will be available to answer any questions you have so post them if you got them.

On a side note I have gone back to using Illustrator 10 more. The main reason for this is the Brush tool is very frustrating. I try to draw a circle with the Brush and it comes out deformed looking like a square. I have tweaked all of the tools I know of but nothing helps to rectify el problemo. This kind of sucks because CS2 has so many other cool features, but I can't afford such slow moving or frustrating tools.

Anyway-see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Dude, I've been struggling so much drawing with Illustrator, that finding this right now is the most awesome moment I've had for about 3 months (since I switched to digital programs only.)

Finding tutorials for this sort of thing is such a pain right now. You are a legend.


Brian Denham said...

Glad you like the tutorials. Welcome to the amazing world of drawing on the computer. And the even better world of CTRL+Z to erase without pain.

I hope this site helps you. I'll have more soon.

Let me know how it's going with your at.


Anonymous said...

Yeah one of the things thats really improved my work is being able to easily adjust things at the early stages. Knowing that i can try things out, and get rid of them if I don't like them removes that fear you had on paper you might mess the whole thing up. Its also cool because if you realise somethings in the wrong place, or the wrong size you can move those about easily and adjust the size with much pain.

While my sketching side has improved, the final image so far has managed to embarrass me far worse then I could ever have done on paper with my lame talent. I had people really interested by my sketches at a comic art forum, only to feel their dissapointment on the final.
Luckily I have the excuse I've used Illustrator for about 5hrs in total now!

Hopefully you'll eventually get round to how to "ink" your work I guess. I'm also interested to find out how you create backgrounds. I'm assuming you use straight paths and zoom the page out.

The site has been a major help so far and I'll be happy to pick up more tips when you get the time. ;)In the meantime I'll try get more fimilar with Illustrator in my spare time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this site is a great place for illustrator resources and tutorials, and i've been able to really improve the work i've been doing on a comic of mine, but lately i've been getting some terrible errors that completely ruin my art. Have you ever had the error "can't open the illustration ID = -50" and if so, do you know of the reason or how to fix it? When that error shows up the file im trying to open has huge chunks of of missing art. Any help would be appreciated.


Gary Mitchell said...

I've been having that same problem myself. Only thing I've found is to not close Illustrator until I have finished the piece.

Also, I've started to save files in CS format instead of CS2 format. Not as many errors since.


Brian Denham said...

I haven't run across that one yet.

I've run across one error that makes it impossible to save your file. The way I got around that was to change the filename and then save it, or I could SELECT everything I wanted in my art, COPY it to a new document and then save it with a new name.

Last year as I drew Darkness I had hundreds of files because I had to keep renaming the files in order to save.

Somehow my computer fixed itself and doesn't do that anymore...


Thank goodness for self-healing computers.