Wednesday, May 31, 2006


here is a little gem. Kind of the proverbial Lemonade from lemons. There is this strange thing my Mouse and Stylus do when they both want to be in charge. My computer starts bouncing between the position of the mouse and the stylus.

So as I draw in the PENCIL tool the lines are "echoed" and the computer draws the lines in the exact spot 3 times.

It creates these really weird effects as all the lines are still connected from one block of lines to the next.

The lines in BLUE in the picture show the effect in real time. I took a snapshot of the Screen so you could check it out.

The black lines in the background are the previous batch I made. This usually last for about 5 minutes so I make as many different lines and shapes as I can in the meantime. I used some of these debris patterns in Elsinore in some backgrounds. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

lol, I would not have thought you'd think of way to make using that practical.


Satyr said...

don't tell me you're doing these GEMS with a Pc and not with a Mac? -__^
you're great, I love these pics!

Brian Denham said...

I use a PC. It's true.

Although I don't feel as uncool as the PC guy on the new MAC commercials.

At the time I bought my PC, 2 of my brothers were working for Microsoft. It was hard to go with a Mac when I could get discounts at the Microsoft store.

Satyr said...