Friday, June 09, 2006


I got this great new Plug-In for Illustrator 10. It's called ISOMETRIC LINE TOOL and it's available at the link below.

The programmer who designed it used it for building train track plans. I downloaded it along with everything on his site. I didn't think I would use it SO I made myself play around with it so I knew WHY I wouldn't.

Well, that did not work out because after the first 10 lines my brilliant strategic mind told me to design building facades with it and them use the FREE TRANSFORM tool to shape the buildings into perspective.

The top picture is black and white is how the Iso plug-in drew straight lines at right angles wherever I laid them down.

The light blue is on a layer below my buildings and it's used to block out the background. On the page I would color it white to blend with the page.

The darker blue color is on a layer below where I drew out the backsides of the buildings after I stretched them into perspective.

What a dream come true this is because I really love adding detailed realistic backgrounds but I hate making grids and then erasing them and all of that. Now I don't have to.

Why is anyone using PAPER?! This plug-in is fantastic as well as everything on this site...
I also spent last weekend (my Birthday) downloading a ton of Plug-INs for Illustrator. One dream Plug-In allows me to quickly make speedlines and more. That Plug-in alone is worth all the money I spent on every single plug-in I bought.

I can't wait to show you what I have been up to. I'm leaving notes on all my Iron Man pages so after the books come out I can show you waht I was doing...and so I can remember. LOL

I'll get to that promised COMPUTER TERMINAL tutorial as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

Damn it, I need to invest in these funky plug ins ¬_¬

Well if it speeds up your work process, it should mean an increase in quality from you. And for something like Ironman, that's gotta be useful.

Dave :)

Kelsey said...

Whoa. Sweat! Might have to try that. My primative intelect has a hard time understanding pluglins and things with complex molecular...what ever. But I'll try anything once.

Like that time I was at church camp in Tijuana...

You know what, I'll save that for another time. :)

Happy birthday by the way.


Patrick said...

Hi - I just found your blog and as a (mostly) PhotoShop guy, it's great to get a glimpse into the techniques of an Illustrator power user. Thanks for all the tips.

I downloaded the Iso plugin (man I've done some jobs where this would have been useful in the past!) and it's cool, but I have a question. Why would you find this tool better for creating facades than just using just plain 90 degree constraints, and Free Transforming those into place? I feel like I'm missing something clever here...!