Thursday, August 17, 2006


Hello again.

I have recorded a new 20 minute video of me drawing in illustrator. There is sound and you can hear me talk about what I am doing.

This video is very basic and just a test. I should have turned my monitor sideways to create a bigger video. The sound is at times hard to hear and my voice sounds like Bobby Brady singing about "Changes". LOL

Here is the link to the video download. It's a whopping 60 Meg and it's 20 minutes of your life you will never get back. All for a crappy head sketch of Spider-Man. LOL

But this is ONLY A TEST! You've been warned!

If you do download this sucker PLEASE comment here and tell me what you think. I'm going to get these more professional and the next time I post one it will be brilliant!

I'm also going to collect a bunch of them on a DVD and have them at conventions. But that is down the road a ways.

You know the Denham clan has a long history with the cinema. My great grandfather Carl Denham captured a giant 40 ft. gorilla back in the 1930's. From what my family has told me it escaped it's cage and climbed up a builing in New York. Crazy huh? I think his story has been made into a couple of films over the years.

For now...

Brian Denham
vector drawing
Spidey 60 Meg avi file

This is a link to the download. It does not automatically start downloading. There are 2 options through Rapidshare. You can join the premium account or just download the video for free. Hope you enjoy.



Gary Seaward said...

Worth every second of looking over my shoulder to see if my boss was watching me!

I'm still in awe of how you can moves the 'ink' lines around so easily, creating curves and the thin/think line. Keep 'em comin!!

Brian Denham said...

Thanks for your comments. I know of one who downloaded it and can't see it and I assume yours where you could view the video.

Anything you want to see next time? I won't make it so long next time if I can help it.

Gary Seaward said...

I had trouble playing it at first (sound but no picture), but I downloaded an extra bit of software for Windows Media Player (somthing called TSCC I think?) and that sorted it out.

I'm more than happy to watch any tutorial you post (maybe Iron Man?), and the longer the better... It's my employers Bandwidth anyway lol

Scott Sackett said...

I downloaded the video and it worked fine, except the audio was very low.

As for the video itself: Very nice! I work in Illustrator at my day job and draw my comics by hard. My portfolio has some stuff (cars, buildins, etc.) I've drawn in Illustrator. Many people have commented that I should draw my comis more like that stuff, but I never could wrap my brain around doing that.

Stumbling across your blog may make me rethink that.

Thanks for posting the video, it was very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded the file.
The sound is very low, and I can't see a picture. I'll try this on my PC tommorow. Can't download on this one.

This Blog has gotten very busy since I last visited. I've been plugging this place since last year personally.

Dave :)

Anonymous said...

How long does it take you to do a full page? It seemed alot longer then I expected for a head!

Was interesting to watch, and I realise now that the inks don't have to be as spot on as I first thought. I'll give Illustrator more of a shot now with this knowledge.

Dave :)

Brian Denham said...

It WAS a long video for just a crappy head sketch.

Seems I have difficulty with drawing and talking at the same time. I'll work on that. I think next time I will draw and then do the voice over work later.

Because I do draw very fast I was wondering how much I needed to slow down so you could see what I was doing. In hindsight I think I'll draw at normal speed and then if you want me to slow down you can do so with the controls of your viewer. So then someone could watch it at his own speed.

I think I'll also add a feature that highlights the hotkeys as I press them. If that's of interest to anyone. It takes a little while for my brain to say what button I am hitting, but I do it so fast when i am drawing.

I remember the videos from the 1990's with Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane and jim Lee. Those were 10 bucks and 30 mintutes long and only Jim Lee drew anything worthwhile. Lots of information of all those videos but without being able to watch a guy at full speed do a full page you are missing a lot of helpful information.

Thanks for your input! It gave me a lot to think about. The next time I put one up it will be worrth your time to download and watch. This one was a huge file with a long download time for not that much information.

I'll get better.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To add to my above post...
When you are drawing in Ill, are you using the fill only and no stroke width?

Anonymous said...

Your file host won't let me download without paying for an account, thats lame....

Tenkoi said...

The Plug in Called
TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC)
Can be download at:
The tutorial is very useful.

Anonymous said...

The file is no longer on Rapidshare. do you think we could get a reupload.

Josh said...

hey.. vid is gone. bummer, i was looking forward to it. :(

Anonymous said...


File isn't there any more...Any chance of getting it via email (link21@bt(removethisbit) or some other method...btw I love your website...very very inspirational..

Silvio Spotti said...

Yep that is true the file si no longer there.
And I´m crazy to see it.
Can you please give us another link or send the video to a g mail acount?

Anonymous said...


the file is deleted. is no longer functional and files will be deleted after 30 Days (free upload).

Can you plz reupload the file at and maybe megaupload...or YouTube?