Saturday, October 14, 2006


Here are preview pages of my 6 issue mini-series from Marvel.
The book is titled Iron Man Hypervelocity and will be released January 2007.

It'll be offered in the November Diamond previews catalog
for items shipping in January.

Let your local comic shop know
you want to order it and they'll reserve you a copy.


Gary Seaward said...

How many times and places can I comment on these pics?! lol
again... GREAT STUFF!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Iron man looks great and the art looks quite exciting. Awesome stuff man.


sharpbrothers said...

F#CK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! This looks awesome. Adam Warren is one of our favourite writers and this art makes us think you very well could be a favourite artist.

Great work, Brian.

Mike Bullock said...

Gorgeous work, Brian.

Ray Dillon said...

Wow, Brian. You do really outstanding work using Illustrator. I'm really blown away and inspired. I use Photoshop for all of my illustrating needs. I'm going to have to give Illustrator a shot, though. Looks like there might be some features that are better done in AI.

And thanks for the great tutorials. I'd love to see more recordings of you drawing. I think you should record a whole page and put it up in installments. I'd watch it for sure.


Kelsey said...

I'm totally blown away by your output these days, bro. Awesome, awesome! You have truely hit the new evolution.

Can't wait to see more.

Are you still in Fortworth?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work, I am totally excited by this style of work and want to try it out. I am inspired by your images and characters...they seem alive!

Currently I just do 2D and 3D work and I am learning modeling more in depth. But this is a whole new realm I have not explored.



Hey Im reading the Hypervelocity comics, and after seeing the amazing artwork felt compelled to look you up and tell you how much I love them  Thank you!

Clipping Path said...

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