Monday, January 31, 2005


EDITED--July 13, 2005

I decided to delete the blog, which was just pictures of my art, and rededicate it to teaching everything I have learned by drawing comic books in Adobe Illustrator.

You can still find my artwork online at if you want to see my finished art. It's a little more organized than ILLCRAFT was. It's also easier for people looking for my art to find it there rather than hunting for this site.

In the last year I have been in contact with lots of artists, fans and curious students as to how I am drawing in Illustrator. I have posted on many different websites and message boards some of my more helpful tips. I think it would be a lot better for everyone to just point people to this site where I will post all of the tips and tricks I have come up with. That way everyone who wants the information can get ALL of it here, and I don't have to keep answering the same questions on different message boards.

I think this will work a lot better. I'm excited about the change and getting a little more organized with my blogs.

  • This blog will be used for instructing people on how I am using Adobe Illustrator to create comicbook art.
  • My online portfolio. I'll post all of my artwork here. Most of the art here is either all-ages or teen and up.

Hope to see you around...

~Brian Denham