Friday, March 02, 2007


Now that my Iron Man Hypervelocity series is shipping from Marvel I'll be able to show you some of the new tricks and techniques I've deleloped.

As a recap to some new folks who have linked to this blog, I'm showing how I have used Adobe Illustrator 10 to draw comic books. I draw directly in the program using a Wacom Intuos 2 on a PC. The best way to get the most out of this blog is to start from the beginning lesson.

I cover all the basic things you need to do from the get-go to get up to speed using Illustrator. I cover all the tools and palette options that I use while drawing in Illustrator. I've also stuck with Illustrator 10 for the most part because the pencil tool is better there than in later versions. It's in wider circulation than the newer programs and won't cost you a lot of money to get if you don't own Illustrator already. I'm sure you can find cheap versions of Illustrator 10 on eBay.

While I've been drawing Iron Man:Hypervelocity for Marvel during the past year I've found a need to draw tons of speedlines in many different directions. There are many ways to create speedlines.

Here I'll show you a really quick and simple way.