Thursday, July 21, 2005


As I start inking I place my working layers a few layers apart with a bunch of blank layers.

I'll use the blank layers to try stuff out. I'll create new texture effects, brushes if I want to overtax my computer, and I'll create some gray coloring in the middle to see if I want some of my lineart in grey instead of black.

When I choose to create some of my black lines in gray I do so because it really adds some cool visuals and depth to the shot. They are also there as guide notes for the colorist if I have a specfic lighting style in mind.

This shot of the thing has a lot of small details I have added to play up his rocky structure. I notice at this stage that some of the grit looks a little too purposeful. I want more of a random real-world look to his rocks.

So now I'll go in with the pencil and add some white effects. I'll use one of the middle layers and draw some patterns with my PENCIL TOOL set to a WHITE FILL and a WHITE STROKE and a .01 STROKE. With some of my black line-art on a lower layer and some on a top layer this will create some interesting effects.

I'll then place another layer higher than my black line art and do some smaller splattering of white to help break up the rocks.


V3dd3rMan said...


I am atonished for the lack of comments in your posts!! :o
I am a colorist/Penciller-wannabe and i learn much from this blog. Very very thanks man.


*Sorry for the crappy english. :D

Brian Denham said...

Thanks for your comment.

Either there is nobody reading this blog or I am so detailed in my descriptions of things that nobody is left with any questions.

Maybe they are shy as well.

Or they are waiting for the really good stuff. We are still on Illustrator basics here and the people may want more of the advanced stuff to learn.

even if I am doing this just for you that's enough motivation for me to keep it going.

Sorry for my crappy English as well. :)


Gary Mitchell said...

I'm here too. Thanks to you I finally got my pencil tool to work right. How's that for motivation.

Gary Mitchell said...

Oh, I also got some cool plug-ins thanks to your little blog you got here.

Brian Denham said...

I didn't forget you, Gary!

I'm happy this information is helping. It surprises me sometimes that this frustrating program became something I really enjoy working with.

Out of sheer hate and determination I chisled one way of working in this granite block of a program. It may not be the best way to draw in Illustrator but it sure works for me.

I'm glad it's working for you too.