Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Adobe Illustrator brush set- KIRBY KRACKLES

I created a new Adobe Illustrator brush set based on old Kirby Krackles from the comics.

They work really great and will save you a lot of time. It used to take hours lining the paper with dots to create energy patterns. But now with the Illustrator brush set you can do a whole page within seconds.

Here is the link to my devianArt page where you can download the brush set.

To use it in Illustrator go to WINDOW>OTHER BRUSH LIBRARIES and find the file on your computer.

To modify the brushes to your liking just open the file like a regular Illustrator file. They work in Illustrator 10 but may be able to be used for CS or CS2.

I hope you like it!

Go to www.illcraft.com for more Illustrator tutorials.



david said...

hola - just a quick thought...
just starting to get into illustrator - found your site while searching for some ideas on using my wacom for more than just photoshop to ink and such...i've been using your tut's for a few days now, and say a profound thanks. you putting this out on yonder web, especially seeing the beauty on some of your art, gives me some hope...so, thanks! :) and from an old tony stark fan, iron man looks awesome. keep at it and warm winds to you... db at friedmandesigns dit com

Samuel said...

Hey thanks for the great Brushes.
I can't wait to use them on something other than the "new file" I opened to test them.
They work great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great brushes. They should come in great use.


grabbingsand said...

Those are awesome.

Now I'm thinking that my holiday photos will look much better with a little Fourth World cosmic enhancement.

Bastlynn said...

Love you. :) These are really nice brushes.

UrbanBarbarian said...

What an incredible blog, Brian! Very, very helpful! Thanks for taking the time to post these sorts of things! Happy 2007!